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  2. SQIRL Fruit Spreads - Apple Valley Emporium
  3. SQIRL Fruit Spreads - Apple Valley Emporium
  4. SQIRL Fruit Spreads - Apple Valley Emporium
  5. SQIRL Fruit Spreads - Apple Valley Emporium

SQIRL Fruit Spreads

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Wild Blackberry + Meyer Lemon: Tangy, fragrant, rich berry. With plump blackberries from Pudwill Farms and Meyer lemons from Rancho del Sol, this jam is easy to love. Ingredients: *Wild blackberries, *cane sugar, *Meyer lemon juice & zest.

*Certified organic

Organic Cara Cara + Vanilla Bean Marmalade: "This jam is an eccentric ‘creamsicle': Cara Cara Orange + Vanilla Bean. It may not seem like that strange of a fruit or marmalade, yet the first Cara Cara was discovered at the Hacienda Caracara in Valencia, Venezuela in 1976 and is believed to have developed as a spontaneous bud mutation on a Washington naval orange tree. The Cara Cara is a mutation that botanists call bud sport. In botany, a bud sport is a part of a plant that shows morphological differences from the rest of the plant. The cause for these fantastic freaks is generally thought to be a chance genetic mutation.

So thank your lucky stars that a Navel orange tree in Venezuela got a little freaky back in 1976, or else we wouldn't have been able to fold organic vanilla bean into these complex floral-forward beauties from Rancho Del Sol farms, and deliver it to you in a little glass jar."

Gold Dust Peach + Zab's: Masumoto's extraordinary Gold Dust tangy-sweet peaches are married with Zab's St. Augustine Datil Pepper Hot Sauce for a Southern-style kick. Spread in a Havarti sandwich, add a sweet & spicy dollap to go along with your eggs, bacon & morning toast or have it dance with a protein at dinner time.

Yuzu + Passion Fruit Marmalade: Made with love by combining certified organic yuzu from Rancho del Sol with Rincon Tropics passionfruit.  Enjoy the yuzu fruit in all of its forms (finely cut rinds, membrane, its pectin and juice-they gave so much of themselves!) and the sweet, gooey innards of the passionfruit to make a jam that is perfectly tart and floral. 

Organic Strawberry & Rose Geranium: Notes: Aromatic, dulcet, bright.
Ingredients: Seascape strawberries, cane sugar, Sorrento lemon juice, rose geranium