Rancho Gordo Wooden Spoon from Michoacan, Mexico

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Hand-carved wooden spoons from the heart of Michoacán, ideal for cooking and serving.

How many wooden spoons do you need? 
If you're like us, there is no actual number that would equal "too many." A good wooden spoon is to a cook what a paintbrush is to an artist. Yes, we just said that! 
We love this hand carved spoon from Michoacán because you can use it for both cooking and serving. The colors vary. Wood from the outside of the tree is darker and it gets lighter as you go deeper. We've tried to keep the color as close to the spoons in the photo but be aware they are hand made and there are many shades. 

These spoons have been finished with beeswax. You'll want to keep them oiled if you want to maintain a rich, healthy finish. 

We can't think of a better way to serve beans! 

Started by Steve Sando as a way to offer locally grown beans to local customers, Rancho Gordo has developed a wide variety of California-grown heirloom beans of the best quality available. More recently they are working with farmers in Mexico and other countries in South America to encourage the farming of indigenous bean varieties.