Coffee Manufactory Organic Espresso 10

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10 ORGANIC ESPRESSO. A DISTINCTIVE BLEND: Heavy bodied, but balanced and bright. Great both alone or coupled with your choice of milk. Notes of bright acidity and balanced sweetness.

  • 40% COLOMBIA BUCARAMANGA. A region producing some of the best coffee in the world.
  • 3O% BRAZIL SUL DE MINAS. Known for rich coffee beans low in acidity.
  • 20% GUATEMALA HUEHUETENANGO. Generations of familial pride in farming shine through.
  • 10% ETHIOPIA GUJI HAMBELA. Grown at altitudes rich in organic soils for complex flavor.

EXCEPTIONAL COFFEE. EXTRAORDINARY RELATIONSHIPS: Where unsurpassed coffee resonates with taste, flavor, and value. Coffee Manufactory brings customers closer to farms, farms closer to roasters, and roasters closer to baristas. A deliberate focus on sourcing sets their gold standard. 

INNOVATIVE CLOUD ROASTING METHOD: A gentler process for Coffee Manufactory's sustainably sourced beans is achieved by enveloping each bean in the air as it roasts to optimal temperature. Yields a more uniform roast, elevated flavor, and increased aromatics, while eliminating the scorching of beans on hot metal surfaces, and improves eco-efficiency. This “clean” process is very sustainable with less release of toxins and pollutants than conventional roasting.

MAKE COFFEE BETTER. MAKE BETTER COFFEE: Coffee Manufactory began as a small team with over 20 years of green coffee supply chain experience. They partnered with Tartine Bakery, who shared their philosophy of sustainable sourcing and creating exquisite coffees on a human scale. Now Coffee Manufactory is creating a new paradigm where exceptional coffees are developed through extraordinary relationships.