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Small Changes

Blood of Gods Zine #5

Blood of Gods Zine #5

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Cover-to-cover 56 newsprint pages of Wine and Metal. Reviews, interviews, features and fun. All original artwork from comic book, tattoo artists, and designers such as Mark Rudolph, Dave Kloc, Scott Flanders, Stefano Cardoselli, and many more. Featuring musicians: Kristian 'Gaahl' Espedal, Sam/Frozen Soul, Cheri/Succumb, and, you guessed it, MANY MORE. Contributions from Master Somms Andy Myers, Doug Frost, and Justin Moore. Features with Paul Grieco (Terroir NY), and, you know what... Just buy this thing already!

Blood of Gods is a Biannual Heavy Metal & Wine indie print publication. Net proceeds from Blood Of Gods are donated to the Blue Mountain Humane Society

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