Ace AF1 Limited Brian Anderson 55 (Black/Cream)

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Ace Limited truck, specially crafted in conjunction with Brian Anderson.

BA began by painting his standard AF1 66 trucks by hand to get the custom colorway exactly as envisioned. Take notice to the red "ACE" logo and black checkers on the baseplate, two rare touches. Looking for a slight increase in weight, and also add a unique touch, the hanger is painted cream then black, with the cream base layer revealing as the black coat is skated off. The "BA" moniker is embossed into the hanger opposite the size marking. Dubbed "Street Pirate" by Frank Gerwer, this namesake is engraved into the axle. This BA edition is offered in his 66 (9.0"), as well as a 44 (8.25") and 55 (8.5")

Over time the Ace Limited will program will include models created in tandem with Ace Pilots, in collaboration with our esteemed brand partners, and new creative touches we've dreamt up in house.

• Manufactured with high-quality AA 356.2 alloy using our own proprietary casting method
• True T6 heat-treated baseplates and hangers
• SAE 4140 steel alloy axles, oversized to eliminate bearing wobble.
• Patent pending rethreading axle nuts - no more damaged axle ends!
• Durable Hand-poured 96a urethane pivot bushings for better response.
• Refined suspension for a cleaner turn.
• Top Bushing: 12mm tall | 91a hardness
• Bottom Bushing: Bottom 14mm tall | 86a hardness
• Machine-faced hanger ends for precise bearing contact.
• Each truck includes bonus red Axle Re-Theader Die